Twelve years after their debut and 2 years after their latest release, Super Junior are back with their 8th full length album “Play”.

The record consists of 10 songs, and, even though only 8 members participated in it and only six are actively promoting, it still proves us they’re ageing well. Being kpop veterans is certainly not always easy; we could start from the expectations of the fans  and end it with the capability of being unique and still shine as a group. Even though they’re lacking two main vocals, Super Junior were able to deliver an interesting album.

Black Suit” is the title track as well as the first song of this record. It’s a pleasant song to listen to and you’ll undoubtedly have fun both listening to it as well as watching it’s music video. The trendy dance tune sticks to your mind and you’ll easily end up humming along the song, feeling a happy boost of energy throughout the whole track. Vocally, it’s well balanced and I’m really happy to hear songs like that from Super Junior despite their long-time career and their more mature ages.

Scene Stealer” is a funky rap track which completely differs from the previous song, The mixing up of rapping and singing parts is not always as homogeneous as I’d wish for, and the autotune in the beginning is really not my thing, so I had a difficult approach towards this track, which is my last favourite of the record.

One More Chance” is delicate, soft and goes under your skin. To be honest, I was not prepared to hear such a track immediately after the first two of this album and I was really moved both by the lyrics as well as the soothing melodies and voices. The track is produced by Donghae himself and I’m completely in love with the instrumentals, which slowly builds up, matching greatly with the highlight sung parts. Another demonstration of the versatility Super Junior and they absolutely nailed it.

With “Good Day For A Good Day“, we are back to an upbeat, funky dance track. It flings you back in a happy-go-lucky mood and invites you to dance along like there’s no tomorrow.

Runaway” carries on the happy vibes of the previous track. It fills you with energy and light heartedness. Super Junior definitely reached the point of perfection in this track (yes, it’s my favourite of the whole album), both instrumentally as well as vocally.

The “Lucky Ones” has a very distinctive background rhythm, which you like or dislike immediately. First, it matches greatly with the vocals, afterwards, it gets spiked up by more strident tunes and it’s not as fitting as before. The refrain is filled with way too many repetitive“lucky, lucky, lucky” and probably smooth voices, which seems quite forced in my opinion, making this track particular, still not one of the best of this records

As the title says, “Girlfriend” is one of those tracks which are about love, and with Kyuhyun in it. This is an emotion filled track, I’d dare to say a rather cheesy one about feelings and being freshly in love. I do really love the rap parts in it, as it brings some freshness in the track, which would be rather repetitive and plain without it.

Spin Up!” Is groovy. Magically groovy and fun to listen to. The funky vibes and the energy which fills the vocals are mesmerizing, making it a very pleasant and positive song to hear.

Too Late” has Kyuhyun in it as well and you hear him clearly. And yes, I do like it (lol). The track slowly builds up towards the refrain, which is smooth and in some way very sensual to listen to.

I Do” is a great song to finish up this record. For many of Super Junior’s fans, this is the follow up of “Marry You”, and therefore it is special tack, dealing with never-ending love and becoming old together.

Review by Moed88

Super Junior - Play
Both upbeat as well as ballad tracks in it
Pleasant to listen to even with the 2 main vocals absent
Upbeat, funky tracks can be quite repetitive throughout the album
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