Remember is T-ARA’s 12th mini-album and it has a total of five tracks on it, among which we find an instrumental as well as a Chinese version of the title track.

Although I’ve always been very fond of this group since they have a lot of potential both musically as vocally, this time I did not get what I expected from this mini-album.

The impression I got is a messy album, where I cannot find the accuracy and the love for music and details I’d like to feel and hear from such a powerful female group. And actually only 3 tracks on an album where I wished to have more of this talented group on it.

It starts off with the title track “TIAMO”, the Italian equivalent for “I Love You”. The song is absolutely sweet with a touch of freshness in it. It’s surely something new from them, still I’m not familiar with this sound, which reminds me of a rookie group who has just debuted and not of a group of kpop veterans. Nevertheless, the song itself is nicely done the lines are well distributed and it definitely fits the concept of the MV.

Hurt Only Until Today” is a powerful ballad, which depicts the feelings of a breakup. T-ARA shines in this track, their vocals transmit lots of emotions and are absolutely neat from all the points of view. I highly recommend you to look after the lyrics of this track to get the best of of this song as a whole.

Next on is “Farewell Movie”: basically an upbeat track – but with some interludes to highlight the intense vocals. This track definitely has title track potential and I’d love to have a MV for it. It’s also a track that reminds me “the old T-ARA” in it’s style, just a little bit more messy in composition.

Track number 4 is the Chinese Version of “TIAMO” and it’s probably the result of the incredible success the group is currently having in China.

Last song of the album is simply the instrumental version of the title track.

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T-ARA - Remember
3 new tracks, all completely different from another
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