Taemin recently realeased “MOVE-ing” the repackage album of “MOVE”, This record consists of 8 previous released tracks plus 4 new songs, which I’m going to review.

  • Day and Night

“Day and Night” is an impressive track which comes with a rather dark, still sexy MV. This is the title track of the repackage album is soft and smooth and completely differs from what we expect from a Taemin title track. Whilst we’re mainly used to see Taemin as some extraordinary daning machine, who basically has his tracks build up on upbeat melodies to see him flourish in choreographies, this track shows us the acoustic, delicate side of him. And it’s definitely worth of it.

  • Snow Flower

This is definitely a the perfect heart-wrenching ballad. Once again, we can fully appreciate Taemin’s voice in this track. The lyrics are pretty sad, talking about a lost love and not being able to overcome it.

“When everyone else was smiling
I was the only one crying
People looked so happy
Felt like I was the only strange one
I try to think of
Only the bad memories
But why can I only remember
Your pretty face?”

  • I’m Crying

Originally realeased as Japanese track, it has been rearranged into Korean. I’mnot really fond of it, as I’m used to ear this track in Japanese and it’s really strange to hear Korean language along the melody. Nevertheless, I’m really fond of the piano in this track, which

  • Hypnosis

Originally released on “Press It”, this thrack has been rearranged for this repackage album. This undoubtedly a very emotional track, which filled me with a heavy heart and more than one layer of goosebumps.


“MOVE-ing” is a superb album, upgraded by 4 slow-paced tracks. Some could say, those tracks were some sort of unnecessary; but, even though they all do follow the same genre and it does not spice up the repackage version in terms of memorable tracks in Taemin’s distinctive style, they do show he is an evolving artist. He’s growing up, he’s becoming a real man and I guess he wants to stand out not only as dancing machine, but also as singer, who has notable vocals skills, which needs to be shown off more.

Review by Moed88

Taemin (SHINee) - MOVE-ing
Focus on vocals
It shows us Taemin's singer side and not his dancing one
new tracks are “only” ballads
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