Taeyang, the wonderful vocalist from K-pop powerhouse Big Bang, released his much anticipated  3rd solo album on 16th August entitled “White Night” while on his second World Tour of the same name. Both his album and world tour are parting gifts for his fans before the idol enlists in the coming months. Taeyang’s choice of title in an interesting one. A white night is a summer’s night when it is never properly dark (when the sun never truly sets). As Taeyang means sun, this could mean that Taeyang wants to be the sun that never sets, a constant light even in the darkest of times. Taeyang was involved in writing the lyrics for most of the eight tracks which appear on the album.

  • White Night (白夜)

White Night is the intro to this wonderful album of the same name. White Night is smooth and has you closing your eyes and nodding to Taeyang’s voice. Taeyang released a beautiful MV for this intro which is filled with natural beauty with sunsets, icy landscapes and gentle waves. White Night talks of love and Taeyang becoming the sun that shines in the night sky, therefore creating a white night.

  • Wake Me Up

Taeyang released a beautiful music video for his second track entitled Wake Me Up. The song is about not wanting to “wake up” for fear that his wonderful love will end like a dream when morning comes.  Wake Me Up is composed by Kush, Joe Rhee and R.Tee. Taeyang’s voice is soft and sweet on this track. If you don’t speak Korean you can still get the gist of what this song is about as Taeyang repeatedly sings “Don’t Wake Me Up” in English.

  • Darling

The third track, entitled Darling is the result of hard work by Teddy, Choice37, Future Bounce, and 8!  Like Wake Me Up, Darling was a promotional track so is accompanied by a beautiful video which depicts the lyrics. Darling is a gorgeous love ballad accompanied by a simple repetitive piano medley. Darling deals with the conflicting emotions when couples are experiencing difficulties in their relationships.

  • Ride

Ride brings out the R&B vibes. It has you swaying and getting lost in the richness of Taeyang’s voice.  On this track Taeyang’s asks “ do you wanna ride with me?” and there’s only one answer to that question.  😉

  • Amazin

“I feel amazin’” is what fans will say when they listen to Taeyang’s voice and this track in particular. Amazin’ is about bouncing back after a break up, forgetting all the memories and starting afresh and ultimately feeling amazing doing it. Aamzin’ continues the upbeat tempo of the track before.

  • Empty Road (텅빈도로)

Taeyang slows things back down with his sixth track “Empty Road”. The slow even melody of this song highlights the true beauty of Taeyang’s voice. This track talks about missing your former partner, reminiscing about the road on which you used to walk, hoping that they’ll be there.

  • Naked

The 7th track on this album is Naked. There is potential double meaning in the lyrics, one about being literally naked (without clothes on) and also about completely baring your soul for the other person to see the real,unadulterated you. Naked is a really enjoyable track to listen to.

  • Tonight (오늘밤) ft. Zico

This final track features Block B’s Zico and let’s face it, he makes any track better. Zico’s incredible rap skills compliment Taeyang’s beautiful voice to create a brilliant track. Taeyang really demonstrates the extent of his vocal range on this track, singing some impressive long notes. Like previous tracks, Tonight is a track to sway and body roll to.


White Night” is a beautiful album, filled with tracks to sway along to while you soak in Taeyang’s voice.  White Night truly demonstrates that Taeyang can shine all by himself though, let’s be honest, we already knew that. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket to a Taeyang concert you’ll have the opportunity to hear this wonderful album live from the lips of the man himself.

Review by Isabelle

Taeyang - White Night
Taeyang’s voice is wonderful on every track
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