On 30th of April, Hyuna (former 4Minute member), Edawn and Hui (From the Rookie group Pentagon) made their debut as a trio after a long and exciting wait. The released a mini album called 199x and a Music Video for their single called “365FRESH”.

The first song, “365FRESH” and its music video bring an eccentric and unique style in the Kpop industry and the aesthetics are beyond perfection. You can read the review of 365FRESH here.

The next song from the album is called “Sunflower” has the same style and rythym as the single 365Fresh but a different meaning of the lyrics. They are talking about how they are feeling lonely and miserable while missing their loved one. Not even the big city, big lights and big buildings can cheer them up. They keep thinking about their impossible love and how it changed them. They are living a bad life, not eating, being lazy and how things it used to be. They also talk about how much they worked to become the people they are today, and about the music they make. So this song could also be about them changing and being the artists they became today. Their lifestyle is changed and even though they achieved something so important they still feel without life.

The song “What’s going on” is a slower and I could say, sexy song, talking about the relationship between two people, that is slowly progressing into something more. The couple feels the fire between them two and wonder what does that mean. The chemistry is strong and they feel like going crazy because they are confused about their feelings. They also feel like it is too good to be true and they don’t know if it is a dream or it is reality. Sometimes, when we are in a relationship we asked ourselves what did we do to deserve such happiness and we don’t know if we deserve it or not. This song talks about how the feelings between the couple is too much to handle. The beat is slow and matches perfectly with the lyrics and it gives it a more romantic, sexy, vibe. The vocals of the singers, and the rapping part complete each other, making the song a beautiful ballad.

The last song of the album is called “Girl Girl Girl” and it describes the feeling of love at first sight. It is more of a sweet song, and it talks about innocent love, found at a young age. I could say it is the opposite of the other songs from the albums, that talk about this crazy life or meaningful things. This song is just sweet and innocent and it makes you want to fall in love all over again. They talk about how much they treasure their loved one, how important that person that is and how much they want to protect her/him. She/him is so beautiful in their eyes, so special and important that sometimes they feel like it is just a dream and in the morning she/him will disappear. They are scared of how much that person can affect their life, but that is what love is. We can’t control it, just accept it.

Overall, the album is a catchy piece of work, with an original and brand new concept, that most fans are looking forward to see. So far, it has received good reviews and the fans are more than pleased with the result. I hope to see more of their collaboration soon enough, because I think they work well together and complete each other.

Review written by Andreea Cristina
Triple H – 199x
Triple H
Entertainment: Cube Entertainment
Release date: April 2017
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