Twicecoaster: Lane 1” is the third EP from JYP Entertainment latest girl group, TWICE. It was released on October 26th and has reached an incredible popularity thanks to its promotional track. The album consists of 7 tracks and has peaked the album chart for Gaon and the 3rd place in US World Album chart by Billboard.

TT: “TT” is probably the most popular track on the album! “TT” has a music video that was released just in time for Halloween of 2016. When I first heard the track I’ll be honest in saying that I thought it was awful, however the longer the song went on the more it grew on me. The “TT” hook is just too addictive and I find myself doing the pointed finger dance whenever I listen to the song. The vocals in this track are outstanding however I wish there was a more substantial rap!

1 to 10: “1 to 10” is a total change from the previous track. The mood and tempo are slow and to be honest, I feel like this is the worst track on the album. The vocals are quite weak but that could just be the nature of the song. The backtrack sounds a bit outdated compared to the sound TWICE usually go for also. I feel as if this track would be better suited to another group rather than TWICE.

Ponytail: “PONYTAIL” sounds like the introduction to an 80s anime show(in fact, it sounds almost identical to Hokuto no Ken’s “Tough Boy” opening song). The song opens with a classical rock sound and then transitions into some peppy rock vocals . The song changes at the chorus to a more Jpop sound! It is, again, a weak enough song however the introduction definitely gives it some character.

Jelly Jelly: This is a very predictable pop track and it feels like an album fillers more than a real track. It has a catchy bassline and rhythm but to be honest, the singing sounds near-whiney. I wish they toned it down on the high notes here as TWICE definitely sound better singing in lower octaves.

Pit-a-Pat: “Pit-a-Pat” works with the same bubble gum pop sound the rest of the album has! This is a very cute song with a dance beat that builds up, there is no beat drop however! It is a song that will fit any girl group! It has a very universal sound overall.

Next Page: “Next Page” is the second last track on the album. This was my favourite track on the album as I could hear TWICE’s actual vocal skill without their forced high tones. I like how this song sounded closer to a peppy rap song than a bubblegum pop track. My only gripe with this track is the overuse of autotune.

One in a Million: The final track on TWICE’s album is “One in a Million”. Apart from “TT”, this is probably the best track on the album. It is an acoustic song, albeit it is still twinged with autotune. The song is more soulful than the others and I feel as if it is a style that suits TWICE more than the other tracks on the album. It is a superb album closer and I hope to hear TWICE experiment with acoustic tracks more in the future!

“TWICECOASTER Lane 1” was, honestly, a very underwhelming album. After hearing “TT” I expected more powerful songs but I found most of them to be a bit disappointing. “One In a Million” and “TT” are definitely the best songs on the album. I give it a 3 out of 5 rating!

Review written by Isabelle

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Very good example of a pop album, songs are fun to listen to!
Very predictable and not a lot of experimentation
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