Twicetagram” is TWICE‘s latest release a and also happens to be their 1st full-lenght album.  In total it contains thirteen tracks which some of the members have participated in the making of.

The title track of this album is “Likey,” an upbeat,  catchy song that is in keeping with TWICE’s title track releases thus far.  The rap verse provides a nice change of pace within the song before the instrumental.

Turtle,” is the second track on the album; and though it’s not a acoustic track it does carry an acoustic feeling,  aided by the guitar and tambourine instrumental giving the song a ‘free’ feeling and the soft vocals add a fresh pure tone.

Third on the album is “Missing u“. It features an upbeat guitar in the instrumental and fresh,  cute vocals.  The chorus is reminiscent of early 90’s pop songs.  The tone of the song is happy despite the lyrics being about pining after someone.

Wow,” is the fourth track on the album and the sound clips featured in the song suggest that this track is inspired by 1940’s swing music.  The vocal harrangement of harmonies also reflect this idea.

Initially when listening to “FFW” it sounds like something you might expect to find models walking to on a catwalk or else dancers vouguing to; but it soon transforms into a more cutesy upbeat song.

Ding dong” is impactful from the offset that becomes a more cute song over the duration with repetitive lyrics. However,  the chorus and rap verse sound very different from the other verses meaning that overall there are a lot of tonal changes within the song so you can never quite settle into one beat as you listen to it.

A change of pace comes to the album in the form of track seven,  titled “24/7“. It’s a slower more mature sounding song. Finger snaps in the instrumental initially give a sultry feeling but then as the song becomes more upbeat help it feel more fun and fresh.

Eighth on the album is “Look at me“,  which synth based instrumental gives an 80’s feeling to this cute sounding song with it’s repetitive lyrics and spell like title repeating.

Rollin’” is different from the previous tracks on the album,  as it has a more electronic disco sound and more prominent rapping verses,  but it is no less catchy through it’s repetitive chorus.

Another elctro-pop infused song is “Love line” which has a slow building beat that sounds both sentimental and carefree at the same time,  with vocals that are soft and clear.

Despite it’s uplifting message “Don’t give up“,  is a song that is not particularly upbeat.  The tone and tempo of the song are rather monotonous, especially in comparison to the rest of the album and perhaps counterpurposefull to the songs message.

Twelveth on the album is the song “You in my heart“.  It’s a cute, dreamy sounding song with uplifting sounding vocals but it has  an instrumental that is somewhat lacking in delivering impact in keeping with the vocals.

The last song on the album is “Good night” which is a rather aptly named last song.  Unlike the rest of the songs on the album it opens with an acoustic guitar . This in combination with the vocals and sweet harmonies provide as sweet lullaby as suggest4ed by the title.

After listening to the whole album you really get a sense that TWICE really know their own sound,  from the chart topping title tracks to their future sound,  this album contains a bit of everything that TWICE are and what they hope to be as they develop as a group in the future.

Review by Lauren

TWICE - Twicetagram
in keeping with the music that twice have produced thus far
one or two dud songs on the album in my opinion that either needed a little more work in the studio or to be omitted completely.
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