Top Media’s rookie boy group Up10tion, has been making some noise recently with their latest release. The boys dropped their 4th mini-album, Burst, late this November 2016. The EP consists of six original tracks including their title track “White Night.” The album showcases the vocal abilities and musical quality the group has developed since debut. They share different sides of themselves throughout the album going from manly, to sensible, making it dynamic.

The mini-album begins with a mash-up-like track titled “Ignition.” The instrumental starts off slow then grows louder and louder as more samples and sounds are added in. While this is track is the shortest, it gives the listener a snip-it of the following track and a sense of their unpredictable nature.

The title track “White Night” begins with a high sense of energy as it bursts right through your speakers. The elements of electronica and synth-pop make this tune into a good dance hit. Oh! And that’s not all. The vocals on the song are quite impressive, the back vocals and arrangement of the lyrics all fit perfectly together making this a smash single.

However, the next song “Go!” or “전력질주” takes the tempo down a bit but still maintains an upbeat melody. The track seems to dance between low and high drive in sound. It carries a certain sense of zeal, which makes it feel like sunshine will light you on your most gloomy days.

The fourth track however, seems to lean more towards the sentimental side. “왜냐하면” or “Because” is a heart-warming ballad. The light melody shares beautiful uplifting violins, guitars and piano as well as drums. The members vocals seem a lot more tender here compared to the other tracks creating an emotional atmosphere. For example, when they sing “you are, you are, my everything” their powerful image fades and instead is replaced with a caring one.

After, the following track turns things up a notch with their animated song, “Stuck On You” or “빠져가지고.” This synth-rock sounding kind of melody is the most animated out of all their tracks on this album. The upbeat vibe, kicking drums and digital samples ring as fun track. The sudden Hip-Hop element towards the lateral part of the song however could have been excluded. It did not add much and seemed irrelevant instead.

Lastly the mini-album finishes off with a nice contemporary R&B track titled, “Just Like That.” The gentle melody is accompanied by the members’ beautiful sweet vocals, while others add a husky or deep suave vocal touch. Personally this is my favourite song off their album and if you like the more slow and groovy melodies this might be just what you’re looking for.

In short, the EP illustrates the members manly side while also sharing a bit of their gentle nature. The songs off the mini-album were lively and well composed for the most part. While the vocals of the members were not too shabby and quite impressive on these tracks, I did find a couple of flaws with the sudden change in genre, however that was only a minor detail. Overall, Burst seems to be in the middle of the road for me. It did not do great nor did it fail but, that is just my personal opinion.

Review written by Irma

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UP10TION - Burst
High level, rich quality and animated tunes, also good vocals.
Irrelevant sudden genre change within track or unstable consistency at times.
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