UP10TION’s fourth mini album is named aptly for its summer release, SUMMER GO! is made up of five tracks and also includes an instrumental for title track Tonight. The album was released on 5th August 2016.

Tonight, the album’s title track is also the first track on the mini album. The upbeat tempo of the song is emphasised by the trumpet and cymbal in the accompaniment. I really like the sporadic harmonisation on random lyrics. The rap sections like the rest of the song is fast-paced, to keep the feeling of the song, but, the low tone rappers contrast nicely with the higher tone vocalists. The chorus of the song is very climatic; the song is constantly building with the help of the high tone vocals only for the rephrase to start again and build to crescendo again. It’s a pop track with heavy disco influence.

Beautiful is the next song on the album and unlike Tonight it is slower with a more rap focused opening. Even the vocals are more like spoken word to begin with. The songs vocals then take on and almost lullaby-like quality which contrasts with the backing drum beat and the sporadic rap verses. The high notes during the ending chorus are especially impressive.

From the beginning of Oasis, there is a relaxed party vibe and a lot of the background synths are something I’d expect from an old RnB/house track from the early ninety’s. With a very repetitive chorus the slower pace of the song is slightly confusing especially considering the lyrics hyped up theme. This song is more suited for swaying to because of the background music which is contrary to what the lyrics might suggest.

The fourth track is Magic which is another pop/disco hybrid track with intermittent rap verses and a few showy runs from the vocalists. It’s a relaxed song that focus all the vocal energy of the song into the choruses.

Be My Luck is the last song on the album and it’s a more funky, jazz influenced song, with dragged out trumpets and a plucky guitar. The way the song is quite unique in that the vocals come to a crescendo at the end of each lyric/sentence. Compared to other songs on the mini album this song seems to contain a lot less rap.

Summer Go! is a very disco inspired mini album and over quite a fun album.

Review written by Lauren

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