All throughout the month of October the kings of dark concepts, VIXX has been teasing fans with their newest comeback. The members released their 3rd mini-album Kratos, which consist of five original tracks and one instrumental of the title track “The Closer.” Production of the album also includes participation from members such as Ravi and Leo, who co-wrote and helped produce some songs. The album itself creates a wonderful listening experience and sets hearts to flutter through each melody.

Bells start ringing and a single phrase is uttered in the first track, “The Closer.” The tune then fills up the atmosphere with a synth dance melody and a catchy chorus. However, Ravi’s rap stood out the most as it builds-up then runs on and hits you once more with great impact.

Similarly to the last track, “Desperate” shares a synth-like dance tune, although it starts off with a dramatic and ghostly sound. The way it is produced it truly feels haunting as it works-up to the electric dance break in the chorus and suddenly burst with a feeling of playfulness.

The third track however is greatly animated and super upbeat in comparison to the last two tracks. “Shooting Star” has funky guitars and drums that create a fun feel good vibe, which works perfectly with the cheerful chorus.

Then the mood of the album takes a calm and slower approach in the fourth song, “Good Night & Good Morning.” The track has a stronger sensual and groovy instrumental that is fired with buttery and gentle vocals. A song which the lyrics were written and composed by Ravi.

The last track then nicely works itself into “The Romance Is Over” which shares with the listener a classic piano melody. The ballad carries bluish undertones giving it a gloomy yet soft effect. In other words, imagine this playing during a break-up scene in a K-Drama, it will fit so perfectly.

Without a doubt Kratos is a wonderful mini-album. The EP only carries a few songs however they are all good in my opinion. Musically, VIXX has upgraded their sound and I can attest that they have developed well. The harmony, rap and overall production came out amazing, my heart is still fluttering from hearing their fourth track. If you are looking to get into VIXX I suggest you start with this album, I promise you will not regret it.

Review written by Irma

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VIXX - Kratos
Mixture of various musical styles. Album has a consistent flow after each track.
Lacking number of original tracks.
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