On July 12th 2016, VROMANCE released their debut album ”The Action”!

1. Introduce (feat Basick)
This opening track is a soft one, full of soul spirit. The members’ voices are stunning, as they’re hitting some high notes effortlessly. Also, the rapper Basick, winner of Show Me The Money 4, has a small part in the song. In my opinion, it is a nice intro to the album but not the most interesting if we take it as a single song.

2. Old Lovers
This one is a ballad which has kind of an R&B vibe. The lyrics deals with the ups and downs of a relationship. Even through the hard times, they still love each other. We can just feel the romance in the song even without checking the actual meaning. It is a song that will make your heart feel warm.

3. She
The song starts off with a drum intro, which it then followed by an addictive disco vibe as the track starts for real. The members’ voices are as usual perfectly harmonious. It is a simple song with a joyful rhythm which will make you groove for sure !

4. Bing (feat Big Tray)
‘Bing’ is originally a hip-hop song by Street Poets, but VRomance adapted it to suit their style. They made it a beautiful soothing song with its acoustic guitar and slow beat , and they succeeded in making it a very interesting mix between new and old-school original vibe by having the rapper Big Tray featured. My favorite track of the album!

5. Already Winter
This last song is the emotional one of the album. From the first piano notes, you can feel the sadness expressed, and it is even more powerful during the chorus. It also featured the singer Huh Gak, and was actually released with a music video back in February 2016.

6. She (instrumental)
I’ve never been a big fan of instrumental versions, unless it is a very upbeat/electro track, which is obviously not the case here. I don’t find a big interest in it because that is Vromance’s voices which gives everything to the song. Anyway, you may like it more than me.

This debut album is really an excellent one and must have totally met the expectations of those following VRomance since the creation of the band!

Review written by Jéhanne

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