The Japanese group androp will be releasing a new self-titled album in August and has already released a full music video for the song “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” to promote the upcoming album release.



The song “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” was produced as a song for Mitsuya Cider, a popular Japanese company that sells carbonated soft drinks and hard candies, and was released as a single on June 3rd. The song will also be on the group’s upcoming album “androp” which is scheduled to be released on August 5th.



As expected of the brand’s name, androp has released a music video for “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” that fun and upbeat. The video gives off a youthful summer vibe as the group performs for a group of their fans as actress Komatsu Nana also makes short appearances. It also shows the fans bonding as they create flags and banners before the performance. Check it out below:






Check out the making video as well: