FNC Entertainment‘s angels, AOA, are getting ready to come back!

The seven girls confirmed their comeback date for January 2nd. On that day, they will release their very first full album that goes by the title “Angel’s Knock“. They have prepared a long teasing schedule full of images and videos so let’s get it started!

First to tease was maknae Seoulhyun with two gorgeous motion teasers. You can find them HERE and HERE.

Next, we discovered that “Angel’s Knock” is going to have a double title track, “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing”. According to the two tracks, the girls has released images in two different concepts.

As the two concepts are really different, AOA started a “battle”: AOA vs AOA or Excuse Me vs Bing Bing. Which one do you prefer?

On December 28th, they also unlocked the secret room for “Excuse Me” and released a teaser video. Check it out above!

Finally, today they have released the teaser video for “Bing Bing (Magic Of Umbrella)”! Check it out below!