AOORA is shocking fans in a different way with his new music video for “Lovestagram (럽스타그램)”.

Fans have more or less become used to being shocked by AOORA releasing his 18+ sexy, raunchy music videos to accompany his equally suggestive solo releases, but this time he is shocking them for a different reason.



AOORA has recently released a sweet and heart-melting duet with Na Aram (나아람) from Mnet’s THE VOICE OF KOREA, titled “Lovestagram (럽스타그램).” Unlike his previous sexually suggestive releases, “Lovestagram (럽스타그램)” is an upbeat pop ballad that is a back and forth between a cute couple in love talking about their sweet relationship and checking each other’s photo posts in SNS using the song’s title as the hashtag. The music video itself is equally sweet as the viewer is shown videos and pictures of the couple the same way one might scroll through Instagram and if you look closely, each has been tagged with ‘#럽스타그램‘:




In addition to the sweet music video, AOORA continues to show his sweeter side in an a capella version of the song, which has more videos of both himself and Na Aram than in the original music video: