Girl group April have some very exciting news!

The DSP Media group who made their debut back in August of 2015 have regrouped to form a now six member line-up. The original members Chaewon, Naeun, YenaJinsol will now be joined by two new members, Chae Kyung and Rachel! This news was released on November 24th along with a cute pastel teaser image:

Next came images showcasing an album cover and track list for April‘s third mini-album ‘Prelude‘ which is set for release on January 4th 2017! Check out the sweet group image along with the tracks – and their English translations – just below!

1. Story of Spring Country
2. As You are Now
3. Stop the Time
4. WOW
5. Fine Thank You

– Gift Track – 

6. Dream Candy (Special ver.)
7. Muah! (Special ver.)
8. Snowman (Special ver.)
9. Title Song (Inst.)

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