All of us here at Japako have had that one epiphanic moment when they discovered Hallyu. Mine was 13 years ago aged 11, when a Korean friend of mine gave me three songs that would change my world forever: BoA’s ‘Atlantis Princess’, G. C. Hammer’s ‘Club Arirang’, and SG Wannabe’s ‘Partner for Life’.

Unfortunately, I look a detour into J-Pop after circumstances allowed me to study Japanese at high school, and so I instead filled my MP3 player with BoA’s Japanese tracks. Then 2010 happened and brought with it another transformative moment: BIGBANG. Before I knew it, 2011—the year when Hallyu would spread its wings and spread across the world—came with a great deal of surprises that have allowed me to do one of the most difficult things I’ve done in a while: to be the first Japako staff member to list their top ten favourite Hallyu tracks of all time! As someone with particularly R&B, pop ballad, modern rock, and indie sensibilities, these ten tracks make up my daily life, my daily routine, and now my worldview.

So, here are my top ten favourite tracks!


TOP 10 by Tariq