ASTARIA confirmed their new single album to be revealed in February!

Last December the Japanese visual kei band had announced that they would release a new single under one condition. As the condition has been fullfilled, the band now confirmed their ucpoming 3rd single album ‘Romantic★Discotick★Nagoya” (ロマンティック★ディスコティック★ナゴヤ)‘ to be reeased next month!

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There will be two editions. The first is the Regular Edition tat comes with the title track and “nonfiction (ノンフィクション)“. The additional DVD contains the title track’s music video. The other edition is called ‘Nagoya’ and will only be sold at the band’s hometown, which is Nagoya, Japan. It is a CD only version which contains the 2 tracks that are also on the ther edition, plus the bonus track “Illumina Party (イルミナパーティー)“.

The single album is set to drop on February 22nd, 2017, so look forward to it!