B.A.P would not be B.A.P without their mysterious teasing process.

The group recently took it to their Facebook to release the photo above! It didn’t take long for fans to get their thinking caps on in the comments and ponder as to what this could be about!

Theories arose such as the term #FF0000 is actually the colour code for red, where other fans were quick to point out that this is the colour of Yongguk‘s matoki bunny. Could he be making a solo debut? Considering he didn’t take part in their last promotions, the chances are highly likely! Others have pointed out it could simply be another comeback and that the group are just continuing the concept of using colours as their focus, considering their last comeback was ‘From Noir‘! They’re anticipating this release to be called ‘Rouge‘, which is quite fitting!

Well, what’s your take on it? Either way, we have something to look forward to on the 7th of March!


B.A.P have uploaded a clip titled ‘From Noir‘ showing them having fun whilst playing poker. We have already seen this scene before as it was shown at the end of their “SKYDIVE” music video. This time however, the video goes static to reveal the hashtag #FF0000 and the date March 7th. Perhaps there’s more to B.A.P‘s ‘NOIR’ concept and the boys will be returning with a repackaged album. Only time will tell.