After their solo and group teaser images, they have unveiled the gorgeous artwork of their album cover!

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Continuing with the concept of ‘Rose‘, both of the photos (uploaded onto their Facebook) show a beautiful rose along with details about their single album release. Fans are guessing each photo is for each version of the album, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Along with that, the caption of the Facebook post also says ‘#WAKEMEUP‘!

Their first music video teaser is set to release within the next 24 hours, so stay tuned!


B.A.P‘s upcoing single album ‘Rose’ will contain three tracks, titled “Dystopia“, leading track “Wake Me Up“, and “Diamond 4Ya“. Leader Bang Yongguk has been revealed to have participated in the lyrics writing of all three tracks, Zelo for the leading track.

Now they have released the first music video teaser for “Wake Me Up” which has a mixture of guitar and synth sounds. The song is introduced as a message for people leave their usual frame and try something new.

Seems like the boys will have a powerful comeback. Check out the teaser below and look forward to more!


B.A.P gift fans with another trailer for “Wake Me Up“. In this brand new video we have once again an audio preview of the song and, also, a new point of view on the music video setting. What could all those clues for an investigation stand for? Check out the trailer below and tell us your theories!