B.I.G are joining the list of February comebacks!

News of the B.I.G (Boys In Groove) return was first announced by their label GH Entertainment who explained that the boys would be making a comeback with a new digital single called 1,2,3‘. The track was composed by Premo who is known for his work on Seventeen‘s “Adore U” and Denmark’s singer-songwriter Ilang also participated in the making.

“1,2,3” is said to be an upbeat, funky track with a heavy drum and bass beat. Along with the new music B.I.G will also be presenting a new fresh image to fans!

This is the group’s first release since ‘Aphrodite’ which came out on May 17th, 2016. Be sure to check out B.I.G‘s comeback on February 13th!


Minpyo will be taking a temporary hiatus from the group due to medical issues. For the purpose of this comeback, B.I.G will be performing as a 4 member group, without him.

GH Entertainment goes on to say that he will be taking a temporary break due to his health. The company apologises for worrying fans and says that it is within his best interest. Due to preparing for the comeback and travelling a lot, Minpyo‘s health worsened. They view recovery a their main focus. B.I.G will continue to promote ‘1,2,3‘ with Benji, J-Hoon, Gunmin and Heedo.

Wishing him a speedy recovery!


B.I.G have revealed the first group teaser photo for their upcoming comeback with ‘1,2,3‘, as well as the music video teaser.

The concept seems to be cute yet powerful, whilst the song sounds quite old school. Check out the teaser video below and stay tuned for more!