B1A4 will come back in over a year with their 3rd studio album titled ‘Good Timing‘ on November 28th.

So far, they have released a group teaser photo, the individual teaser images, the tracklist, the album preview and the music video teaser video!

The boys look so gorgeous in the dreamy autumnal photos.

All the songs were mostly composed, written and arranged by producer JinyoungBaro and CNU also took part in composing and writing the lyrics for some of the songs.

Check out the album preview below, as well as the teaser photos!

In the teaser video for the lead track, “A lie“, we can see all the members in romantic scenes with a girl on Jeju Island. With a guitar riff playing in the background, they give us a taste of the song with Jinyoung singing a line at the end. Check it out above!