B1A4 has revealed that they will join the rush of comebacks this summer with their own comeback in August.



The boys seems to be teasing their fans in their own unique and quirky style. Where most idols have been posting teaser photos and track lists to tease their fans, the boys have posted a ‘Comeback Festival’ poster with a list of things that they will be doing for their upcoming comeback, but, as you can see below, no dates are listed:





In addition to the ‘Comeback Festival’ poster, B1A4 have also posted a list of things that BANAs will want to ‘pack’ for the upcoming festival via a cute teaser photo that shows the lists ‘written’ on a sheet of paper complete with cute, little drawings as well:





The packing list includes (1) The Love BANAs have for B1A4, (2) Following B1A4 on their various SNS accounts, including their Fan Cafe, Instagram, YouTube, etc., (3) Ability to respond to news with speed, (4) Items that a BANA needs: CD, online streaming, and music download, (5) Be ready to brag about BANA, (6) Have an open mind and sensitivity, (7) sunscreen, (8) Stamina, (9) Tickets to the Finale Cocnert, (10) a wish for BANA to stay with B1A4 until the end.



Their company has also revealed that the boys are excited to make a comeback after almost a 1-year hiatus and that they are preparing a variety of events for their comeback, including the festival, exhibition, as well as a surprise event. They are focusing their heart and soul on the upcoming ‘B1A4 Festival’ to meet their fans.



In addition to their upcoming comeback, the boys have also recently been chosen as model representatives for the Korean on-line game Tales Runner. It is a MMPOG that was first created by the South Korean company Rhaon Entertainment and published by Nowcom in 2005, where players can compete in many, varying games in magical fairytale-like settings. To date, the game has spread to many other countries including Japan, North America, Taiwan, Japan, and more.  Check out the cute CM created for a special event in the game below:





Stay tuned for more information on the boys’ upcoming comeback!