Get ready B2UTIES because B2ST are back! 



Ten months after the release of their 7th mini-album, ‘Time’, B2ST are coming back with a summer track that will make you dance!



After teasing with individual videos the day before the release, they finally uploaded the music video for ‘YeY‘ on the 27th. The song is an electronic pop-dance track and in the video the boys can be seen enjoying a party night instead of brooding over a past love. Check it out!



On the same day,  B2ST also released their 8th mini-album, ‘Ordinary‘ which consists of 8 tracks, including the pre released track ‘I Have To Go To Work‘:

Ordinary‘ track list:

1) YeY

2) I Have To Go To Work / Gotta Go To Work

3) Suite Room

4) At That Place

5) Take It

6) Oh Honey

7) I Think I Love You (Korean ver.) – Bonus track

8) One Day (Korean ver.) – Bonus track