Japanese young female rockers from BAND-MAID will be visiting the U.S. this March!



Sakura-Con, the grand anime convention in the Pacific Northwest, is getting ready to celebrate its 19th anniversary this year and will be providing guests with even more exciting events, performances and panels. Greeting over 23,000 attendees each year, Sakura-Con is trying hard to make the program even more diverse and interesting to match all kinds of tastes.



This year, the performers’ line-up will be joined by Japanese girl rock band BAND-MAID, who promised to bring the famous Akihabara‘s maid-cafe culture to the U.S. for the first time! The guests can expect a live concert, a fun Q&A event, and a chance to get autographs from the girls!



BAND-MAID has also dropped the short welcome video for their upcoming performance. Check it out below!





A three-day convention, Sakura-Con will take place on March 25-27th in Seattle, WA. Detailed information about event program and registration is available through convention’s official webpage [HERE].







It was also announced that BAND-MAID will make an appearance in J-Melo, a weekly Japanese music television program. The girls made it to the finals, being placed second according to the latest viewers’ votes. On March 14th, the day of BAND-MAID‘s episode airing, the girls will be holding an interview with the program’s host May-J. Be sure to check out J-Melo broadcast through NHK channel [HERE]. The airing time are 0:10, 6:10, 12:30 and 18:30 JST.






BAND-MAID is a 5-member female rock band formed by Gump Records in 2013. The line-up consists of vocalist and guitarist Miku, vocalist Saiki, guitarist Kanami, drummer Akane and bassist Misa. The band’s concept is a mix of cute maid-cafe style and the hard rock sound. BAND-MAID became known in 2014 after the “Thrill” music video release, which has gained more than 1,000,000 YouTube views by now. The girls are receiving more and more recognition with every new release, and their recent video for “alone” uploaded on Valentine’s Day helped to reach 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. Check “alone” music video below!





For more information about BAND-MAID visit the group’s official webpage [HERE] and official Facebook page [HERE].




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