Last Thursday, ARMYs gathered around the Best Buy Theater in New York City for what would become an unforgettable night.



The weather was not an overly hot summer day, but it was still hot enough that fans had to be sure to stay hydrated, eat, and try to stay in the shade if possible. Regardless of this, there were reports of several fans fainting (or almost fainting) due to the conditions. However, the weather was not the only thing that played a part, fans were told to stay in line for fear of losing their spot, a ‘rule’ that was made worse for the VIP+ at the head of the line that were practically packed into the gates like sardines in a can.



While every fandom will have its bad apples, there were many, many amazing ARMYs in line. Several groups were playing music and dancing with each other to pass the time. There were also snacks and water that made its way down the line to friends and strangers alike to help keep fellow ARMYs conscious and on their feet. There were also fans that made its way around to help provide a little bit of shade and for fans to fan themselves and people around the.



When they were finally able to make it inside the venue, it was not much better. While they were able to be out of the burning sun, it was still hot and cramped, but security help by passing around bottles of water. Fans also helped each other by using the fans that they were given outside to keep each other cool.



It all became worth it as the lights went down and the boys took to the stage. The performance was amazing, but the concert did not have a happy ending. After only one encore song, the boys were taken off the stage as their song “I NEED U” came up on the speakers. The fans all sang along to the song, despite not knowing what was going on. It is being said that the sound system had gone down and the technical team was trying to fix it, but fans had already begun to leave the venue and so they decided to end the concert there. The non-VIP+ ticket holders were ushered out of the venue while the VIP+ ticket holders patiently waited inside, only to hear that the Hi-Touch was cancelled due to an unforeseen threat.



By now, fans will have already learned that two Twitter users, one from Canada and one from the U.K., had posted photos of gun and had threatened to harm BTS member Rap Monster during the performance in New York City. While many fans were understandably upset by the decision to cancel the Hi-Touch, a threat was very real at the time and it was in the best interest to exercise precaution. It is better to have cancelled it and not have a threat than to have not cancelled it and have one of the members end up getting hurt. SubKulture has commented that they would find a way to make up for the cancelled Hi-Touch, but implied that it would have to wait until after the U.S. leg of the concert tour was over.



Meanwhile, there have been several rumors about the New York City concert that has been making its way around, none of which are true. One rumor is that NYC concert goers had thrown their bras and underwear onto the stage during the performance. Not true. Another rumor is that one of the male fans was called up on stage due to his cosplay. Not true. Another rumor is that the boys were uncomfortable during their performance and had rushed to get off stage at the end. Not true.



There was no underwear thrown on the stage. No fan got called up to the stage. Also, the boys put on a fabulous performance and enjoyed the passion and energy thrown at them by their fans. There was even a fan project that was put together by the fan, where the fans held up banners during one of their songs, “Just One Day,” and the boys’ smiles became visibly brighter. If they had any discomfort or was still nervous before that song, it was gone by the time this song was over.




Stay tuned for the full review of the concert (minus the drama) to be published soon!