BEAST are getting hotter and hotter in both Japan and Korea with their Japanese music video and plans for a Korean comeback!


Firstly, the music video for ‘CAN’T WAIT TO LOVE YOU‘ is the epitome of an ideal summer! Released on the 5th of June, the mellow song goes along well with the dream-like music video. Although the members aren’t physically in the music video, their gorgeous voices can still be heard as the models prance around the beach and beach house! You can check it out below!



They also keep teasing about their comeback too! While Dongwoon dished out that yes, they were having a comeback (which you can read about in our previous article [HERE]), Cube address rumours too: “Though it’s true that they’ve been consistently working on a new album, the exact release date hasn’t been confirmed. They’re currently promoting overseas as well as preparing the album.”



Are you guys excited?