Beast‘s Dongwoon reveals more details about his upcoming Japanese debut album and reveals the music video for “Tsuyoku Omou (Think Strongly)“.



His upcoming album is titled  ‘KIMISHIKA (Only You)’ and will be officially released on July 1st. It will be available in three different editions, next to the Regular CD Only Edition, there will be a Type A (CD+DVD) and Type B (CD+BOOKLET) Edition. The CD contains 6 tracks, including next to the title track, a song with fellow members Doojoon and Yoseob called “Hoshi ni Natte (Become a Star)” as well as “Tsuyoku Omou (Think Strongly)” for which he has released a music video. It carries a melancholy atmosphere and in the video you can see him singing on a street in Japan. People start to gather and there are throwbacks shwoing how hard he worked so people would recognize him.



You can check out the MV below as well as the CD tracklist!





CD Tracklist

  1. Preludio
  2. キミしか (Kimishika / Only You)
  3. 君は知らない (Kimi wa Shiranai / You Don’t Know)
  4. アマスギル YOU (Amasugiru YOU / Too Sweet YOU)
  5. ツヨク想う (Tsuyoku Omou / Think Strongly)
  6. 星になって with Dujun and Yoseob (Hoshi ni Natte / Become a Star)