We make it to ‘D‘ of MADE with the music video for “Sober” and track release of “If You“!



Sober” is quite similar to the threat of the more upbeat songs they’ve been releasing recently such as “BAE BAE” and “BANG BANG BANG“. The music video and track are perfect summer jams for the fans to dance to as they experience their warm months of freedom!



If You” however, will not be getting a video – which is quite a disappointment considering the track is so passionate and raw. The group have stated that it’s one of the most saddest tracks they’ve created, and many fans agree! You even get a little snippet of T.O.P singing – and his vocals are really impressive! Both songs are really different in concept and genre, so there must be one track that you like!



You can check the both of them out below! Which is your favourite and why?