Hip-hop group BIGFLO are gearing up for a comeback with three new members next month!

The boys of BIGFLO are currently working towards another comeback with their fourth mini-album ‘Stardom’! BIGFLO have decided to regroup for 2017 with three of the original members and an additional three new members. BIGFLO, who are under H.O. Company originally debuted back in 2014 as a five member group. Members Ki Chun and Z-Uk have since left and now currently group leader Jungkyun is serving his mandatory military duties.

Teasers have been dropped revealing the three new members Lex, Sungmin, and Euijin. Check them out in action below!

The full line-up of members can be caught in the group teaser! Check it out below and stay tuned for more news and dates on the BIGFLO comeback!


Check out the cover for BIGFLO‘s comeback with ‘Stardom‘. Which a deep blue and starry night sky, it seems the boys are ready to blow us out of this world with what they have planned!