Block B have us hyped with charming new teaser photos!

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Continuing with their vibrant and playful concept, the boys are still clad in colourful yet stylish clothes as they flash goofy grins to the camera! Stay tuned for their return on February 6th, but for the meantime, check out the photos below!


A teaser video has been revealed! In all their comedic glory, the members re-enact a hilarious sitcom in their first teaser clip for “Yesterday“! The opening is the same as the popular show ‘Friends‘, so the song and clip have us grinning from all the nostalgia! Check it out below!


Block B continue teasing for “Yesterday” with a story teaser. This time it appears all the boys have fallen in love with the same girl and she’s been playing around with them. Ouch.


Block B have dropped another teaser video for “Yesterday“, and this time is a ‘highlight version’.

In the first two videos you saw the concept and the story and now you can hear a bit of the song and see snippets of the choreography. Check it out below!