Block B rapper Park Kyung has dropped an exciting promotion schedule in anticipation of his forthcoming mini-album!

Last month he revealed a re-mastered version of “Ogeul Ogeul” and now Seven Seasons has announced his first official mini album!

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Park Kyung is set to release his very own first solo mini-album called NOTEBOOK’.  The mini-album is due to be out on January 18th at midnight KST! The promotion schedule was earlier uploaded onto Block B‘s SNS in photo format and shows that fan can expect a lot of great things to come in the run up to the release of ‘NOTEBOOK’! Promotions will kick off from Tuesday, January 10th with a special teaser image.

Check out the full schedule – which includes even more teasers, a tracklist and a live presentation – above!


Seven Seasons unveiled the first teaser images for Park Kyung‘s upcoming solo release. The first shows his ‘notebook’ and the other two reveal the title songs. You can check them out below and look forward to tomorrow for more teasers!



The next teaser image was revealed earlier today! It shows two cards with the two title tracks and it gets revealed that both will have a featuring artist. Additionally, it has been announced that there will be a total of 5 tracks on ‘Notebook‘ with 2 female and 2 male artists making a featuring.



On January 12 KST Kyung finally revealed the identities of the guest artists who will feature as part of his upcoming double title tracks for ‘Notebook’! South Korean singer-songwriter and record producer Brother Su will be joining Park Kyung on “When I’m With You” while singer and songwriter Yoon Hyun-sang will be participating on “Memories“.

In addition, Park Kyung‘s teaser images have been released! Check them out below!