Block B‘s rapper and youngest P.O has been announced to make his solo debut with his first official release.

His company revealed that he has worked on the composition and the lyrics himself.  He already has some experience as he revealed a mixtape called ‘Bigboi is ready 2 Showtime’ in 2013 and also worked on official releases for the group’s subunit BASTARZ.

You can look forward to more details coming soon! Below you can check out the official announcement!


“Hi it’s Seven Seasons,

The first solo song of P.O will be released on September 27th at 6pm.

It’s a song with the unique color of P.O’s husky and charming voice and rap.

Even if he composed/wrote the song for the sub unit Bastarz, for this album P.O composed and wrote everything a 100% to show another image of him.

You already saw him in variety programs or in a drama but you will discover a new face of him through this solo comeback. Please show a lot of interest!

Thank you”

Trans. Cr: Carole D. @ Japako Music




To tease for the upcoming release, a teaser photo has been unveiled. It is a black-and-white photo showing P.O holding a newspaper which reads ‘Men’z Night’. It was posted along with the Hashtags “#170927_6PM #피오 #PO #1st_Single”. You can check it out below and stay tuned!


The next teaser image has been released and it has been revealed that the featuring artist will be non other than Korean-American R&B singer, songwriter and producer Chancellor! Besides Block B‘s official SNS, Chancellor also shared these exciting news and added “#170927_6PM #1st_Single #피오 #PO #챈슬러 #chancellor #ColonelSanders”.


P.O has revealed more official photos for his upcoming solo single “Men’z Night“! Check them out below!


The next teaser images are out! Also, it has been announced that the music video teaser will be revealed on September 25th, so look forward to it!



The release of P.O‘s solo debut track is getting closer and the album cover as well as the teaser video have been unveiled. He also revealed in an interview with ‘The Star’ that he made the song himself and he just had fun. Also, he’s looking forward to his debut single. So check out the new teasers below and stay tuned!

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