It’s already known that BRATS are set to release their new double single ‘Ainikoiyo / Nounai Shoukyo Game‘ soon.

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Details for the new release were already shared before. However, now they announced that there will be bonus content for the international version. It contains both single tracks plus live audio tracks from the ‘Reborn‘ concert. It also will be released earlier, on May 25th.

You can check out the details below!

1. Ainikoiyo
2. Nounai Shoukyo Game
BRATS “Reborn” at Live Inn Rosa 03/29/2017
Ainikoiyo (Live)
Nakattakoto (Live)
Nounai Shoukyo Game (Live)
Pain (Live)
Seitouka Pride Monster (Live)
Kimarigoto (Live)