Brave Girls are set to make a sexy return with their 4th mini album ‘Rollin’‘!

The schedule reveals that girls will be releasing their new album on March 7th, dropping various teasers along the way! First up they dropped some alluring concept images for each member, followed by a group image and cute polaroid. Then the girls released the seductive album cover above, along with the tracklist revealing 5 songs which are: “Rollin'”, “Past Thoughts”, “Don’t Rush”, “High Heel (Remix)” and “Outro (Rollin’)”.

Check the images out below and stay tuned for the two music video teasers that are yet to drop!


Their first music video teaser has just dropped! Continuing with their sexy and mysterious concept, the girls intensely gaze at the camera and show off their seductive dance moves!

Check it out below!


Watch the second teaser for Brave Girls return with “Rollin’“! This one shows a bit more of the choreography and is rated 15, unlike the one above that’s rated 19. But even with the lower age rating, the girls are still emanating a mature charm.