BREAKERZ have released their latest album “0-ZERO-” , which is the first album they have released in four years.



After four long years, BREAKERZ have decided to drop a new album “0-ZERO-“. This is their first album release since “GO” in 2011.   Their new album name comes from the idea of restarting; they state that they will “restart” their journey by making “sounds that we (BREAKERZ) think are cool”.



“0-Zero-” has been released in three different versions, each with 10 songs in total. The first edition is the CD version, the second edition is the Limited Edition A DVD, and the third edition is the Limited Edition B DVD.  The Limited Edition A and B albums feature the band’s first live countdown “BREAKERZ COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015” which will also be divided into two parts(A and B).



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