Brooklyn has released his music video for “Go Brooklyn” featuring AOMG‘s Jay Park!



Brooklyn is only five years old yet at the beginning of the song Jay Park showers him in nothing but compliments! The two have teamed up on the track which talks about one’s dreams. The heavy trap beat along with both of their raps produce a rather interesting combination with has garnered some mixed feelings from viewers, especially since Brooklyn is only five years old.



However, Brooklyn is really proving his potential as an artist in the upcoming years (or, perhaps decades?) considering he helped write the lyrics to the track and not to mention his burst of charisma (although we can’t help but coo over his cuteness) in the music video. It seems that this pre-schooler isn’t shying from the camera anytime soon – good for him!



Jay Park and Brooklyn look like they’re having a lot of fun in this music video, from being enemies having a dance battle to giving up and dancing together themselves, the intriguing music video proves to be an interesting watch!



While people have mixed feelings considering the young age of Brooklyn, what do you guys think? We’d love to hear!