BTOB‘s comeback is nearing and the boys has now started a brand new kind of teasing!

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Starting from maknae Sungjae, BTOB members have revealed very interesting film stories. In Sungjae’s video we can see him being dragged by unknown men and left cuffed to some bars with a bomb on him! Once alone, Sungjae looks straight into the camera and below him appears the sentence “Let the game begin“. What do you think it means? Check out his story film above!

Next is the other maknae of the group, Peniel. In his story film Peniel is busy in what seems to be an underground MCs battle. From what it looks like, Sungjae is challenging him by dropping the mic and, at the end, Peniel looks at himself in the mirror while the words “Are you ready” appears beside him. Check it out below!

Next is rapper Ilhoon. For his story film Ilhoon impersonates a very handsome yet creepy DJ. While a heavy club music plays in the background we can see Ilhoon show off his DJing skills making faces that would make The Joker proud. For Ilhoon’s video, the only words we get are lots of “haha” around him while he points a mitra at us…scary! Check it out!

Next in line is vocalist Hyunsik. On much a lighter note that Ilhoon’s teaser, in Hyunsik’s we can see him bouncing in front of a mirror on the notes of a jazzy melody. He’s neatly dressed and smile charmingly at the camera. Maybe not so surprisingly, at the end of the video his quote is “Shall We Dance“?

Lastly, for now, is Changsub who plays the role of gambler dressed in a very yellow tracksuit. He’s hilarious face expression are priceless as usual but his card game against the “queen” doesn’t seem to end too well for him! The video ends with him desperate and the word “Please…” appearing beside him. Check it out below!


He’s Minhyuk, Lee Minhyuk. In a very  agent 007 style, in his story film Minhyuk tiptoes into a room and sneakily start searching for something. It looks as if he finally found it but…”Oops!!” Find out what happens in the video below!


Last but not least is BTOB’s leader Eunkwang! In his story film, Eunkwang plays a modern Danny Zuko and dance happily after a beautiful woman pass him. He’s goofy personality match perfectly with the ’60s background beats! Eunwkang’s ending sentence is “You make me a better man“, how sweet!

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