ARMYs get ready! BTS have finally released their ‘WINGS’ teaser images for final member Jin! Along with some stunning group shots, these teasers were worth the wait!

BTS will be making their ‘WINGS’ comeback very soon on October 10th. The boys have been busy recently releasing gorgeous images of each member which today came to an end with the release of Jin‘s pictures and some glorious group shots too!

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Jin‘s teasers were delayed longer than the others but proved to be worth the wait with the unveiling of his magnificent pink hair! The room in which he is pictured is a beautiful blue/green colour and on the walls around him hang framed images of the other members – happy memories from the past and their HwaYang YeonHwa series.

Two group shots were also released alongside other member pairings and trios: V and Rap Monster appear together, Suga and Jungkook next, then Jin, Suga and Jimin and finally J-Hope and Jimin.

Check them out!