BTS are keeping fans on the edge of their chairs with all these teasers!

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Starting with Jin, all members revealed a new poster image with a contrasting concept of light and dark.

As for the first set of teasers, each of the pictures come with a caption.

Jin: “If you can turn back time, I want to go back to that summer beach”

Rap Monster/V: “After coming back from that beach, we were all brothers”. Also, “Save Me”, on V’s half of the picture, if read reversed – in Rap Monster’s point of view – means “I’m Fine”.

J-Hope/Jimin: “After coming back from that beach, we were all alone.” 

Oddly, Suga‘s and Jungkook‘s caption is the same as J-Hope and Jimin. What do you think it means?

They have also released a long note that follows their previous serie: Seokjin 13 June YEAR 22

After returning from the sea, we were all alone. As if we planned ahead, we did not contact each other. We simply assumed each other’s existence through the remaining graffitis on the street, brightly lit gas stations, and the sound of the piano from an old building. These after images reappeared like a vision. The moments when it looked as if Taehyung’s eyed were bleeding fire, the look I received as if they’ve heard something unbelievable, the hand of Namjoo that withheld Taehyung, and the punch I threw at Taehyung as I could not suppress myself. After failing to find Taehyung who fled, there was no one left at the beach dorm/house. Broken cups, dried up blood stains, and cookie crumbs were all that left to remind me of the events that happened earlier. Between that was a single photo. It was us who were smiling together while posing in front of an ocean background. I simply just walked by the gas station today as well. There will eventually be a day when we meet again. A day will come when we are smiling together like in the photo. A day will come when I will have the courage to face myself fully. However right now, is not the time. Today as well, a damp wind blew and then as if it was a warning, my cell phone rang. The photo that I hung on a room mirror shook. On the screen, Hoseok’s name appeared.

‘Hyung, Junggook had a car accident that night’.” 

Adding to the mystery, they lastly released a teaser video in which all the members run into a mysterious girl. Watch it above and tell us all your theories on this upcoming series!


BTS have released another highlight reel video for their “Love Yourself” series. BigHit Entertainment has released the video with subtitles so you can follow without problems what’s being said. Check it out below and stay tuned for more!


A third highlight reel has been released revealing the turning point in the series. It’s full of dramatic music that heightens the suspense as the story unfolds. Take a look below!


A 4th highlight reel has been released and this time it includes snippets from the previous videos and also something from their previous music videos and releases. The mystery keeps deepen and the drama builts. Check out the video below and stay tuned for more from BTS!

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