BTS have unveiled the official tracklist for their second full-length album ‘WINGS’ !

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The highly anticipated album will hold fifteen tracks in total including part four to the group’s popular “Cypher” series! The tracklist was revealed by BigHit Entertainment on Twitter earlier today alongside a second image which is most likely the album’s cover image.

Three Korean titled tracks are included on the album: track two translates to “Blood Sweat Tears”, track thirteen is “21st Century Girl” and number fourteen is “Two! Three! (Still Wishing There Will Be Better Days)”. A number of other titles have also already been revealed through the boy’s previously released WINGS short film series.

BTS will make their comeback on October 10th, check out the tracklist below!bts

From the 15 tracks on the upcoming album, seven of them are solo tracks, one for each member! When BTS started to tease for their new album, they started the ‘WINGS‘ series with short films. It turns out that the titles for them are their solo tracks.

Below you can check out an overview and you can follow the links to the related article for the teaser:
Jungkook – Begin
Jimin – Lie
V – Stigma
Suga -First Love
Rap Monster – Reflection
J-Hope – MAMA
Jin – Awake

Additionally, they have revealed a bunch of behind-the-scenes still cuts, which you can check out at their Naver page [HERE].