Japanese pop-rock band Budo Grape concluded their 10-song release project!


Budo Grape is a 5-member band, consisting of vocalist Quminco÷Grape, guitarist Nagai÷Grape, bassist Matsui÷Grape, drummer Taichi÷Grape and keyboardist 74÷Grape (Naho÷Grape). Two names may sound familiar, because Quminco is a well-known model and radio personality in Japan, while Nagai is a music legend from “Shockers“. The band comes from Nagoya, and they name themselves as the representatives of “a high energy avant-garde pop“.




Budo Grape was formed in 2001. However, their first full-length album titled ‘Koibito wa Koishite Tsukuru’ was released in 2005. It was acknowledged as a hit album by Japanese underground music artists. After that, the band tried to retain their success with the release of various albums, extended plays and digital singles.


In 2008, Budo Grape played their first overseas concert tour, which took place in three cities across the U.S.: in Dallas, San Antonio and New York. The band members took a break to work on an individual projects in 2009, and reunited in 2012 to release new album titled ‘Kare no Namae wo Omoidasenai’ and to perform in the UK for the first time.


After the release of their 6th full-length album ‘Amsterdam’ in 2014, Budo Grape wanted to try a new approach for their releases. The band leader Nagai suggested to release 10 digital singles within short time frame. “After creating the album ‘Amsterdam’, it felt like we had done everything Budo Grape could do at the time,” commented Nagai on his interesting idea. “When thinking about what would come next, I couldn’t find a good concept to make an album, and I was at a dead end, to be honest. That’s when I got an idea of releasing a set of singles with short intervals. I could write songs in a free-form way, and it would be exciting for the band, I thought. So we made it our goal to release at least 10 songs in a year.”


Budo Grape‘s new 10-single project became successful, and their last 5th set of two digital singles that was released recently marks the achievement of Nagai‘s original idea.


The two new singles titled ‘Jikansaryouomoi’ and ‘Go! Go! Taichi!’ were created to contract each other, since the first one has an emotional melancholic feel, while the second one is an upbeat and funky composition, named after the band’s funny drummer Taichi. Check out the jacket images and the preview video of Budo Grape‘s two new singles below!






All ten singles display uniformity, since Budo Grape used the same cover image for all singles and only simply changed the colour for each one. “The 10 songs each have their own characteristics, and of course our feelings for each song are different,” explained Nagai“So, to have unity, we changed colors for each song, but the basic design is the same. It’s an unusual pattern, but it’s very Budo Grape!”  The leader also promised to combine all released singles with an addition of a couple of new songs into one full album. According to his statement, we can expect this album in a 6-month period!


Moreover, it was announced that the band will be returning to the UK and will perform at the Doki Doki Japanese Festival in Manchester, England in November 2016. Check out Doki Doki Festival‘s Facebook page for more information [HERE]!


Be sure to also take a look at Budo Grape‘s official webpage [HERE], Facebook [HERE] and Twitter [HERE].


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