The girls of CLC were chosen to sing the theme song for the upcoming Korean MMORPG Ar:Piel.



The song is titled “Remember Your Wish (주문을 외울게)” and features the girls’ sweet and adorable voices. A video has been released, which shows the girls as they record the track in the recording studio and it is as sweet and the theme song itself as the girls are shown wearing cute animal headband, likely to promote the game in that the game’s characters are able to have animal-like physical features.



Check it out in the video below and be careful not to fall too deeply into their aegyo:






The game Ar:piel is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), which was developed by Ngine Studios. The game recently entered its closed beta period on June 24th while an open beta date has yet to be announced. It is said that in the game, the players will take on the role of students with animal-like traits and features.