CODE KUNST announced the release of his new album ‘MUGGLES’ MANSION‘!

His company HIGHGRND uploaded a first teaser onto their YouTube which shows CODE KUNST preparing the tracks and working in the studio. You can check it out above and get a first feeling of the upcoming release by listening to the chill sound.

Now he also revealed the tracklist which revealed that a bunch of fellow artists have participated to complete the album. Featuring artists include fellow HIGHGRND artists such as Tablo, OFFONOFF, OhHyuk, and Punchnello as well as YG‘s Mino and Lee Hi. Others are AOMG‘s Loco and Ugly Duck, VMC‘s Nucksal, Just Music‘s C-Jamm, and illionaire‘s Dok2, also YDG, Car The Garden, Justhis, and Bewhy. Besides rappers there are also a few singers which would be G.Soul, Hwaji and Suran.

There will be 15 songs in total with some of them having been pre-released. Check out the tracklsit below! The full album is set to be released on February 28th, so stay tuend!


As visible in the previously released tracklist, CODE KUNST has an incredible featuring artist line-up. Now, a new video was released which shows them while recording for the album. Check it out below!


Another video teaser has been unveiled, and this time it’s for his collaboration with G.Soul and Tablo for “FIRE WATER“. Check it out the aesthetically appealing teaser below!


The preview for ‘MUGGLES’ MANSION‘ is out! The album will be released very soon on the 28th and as we already know, it will consist of his pre-released tracks in addition to some new ones. Take a listen to them below and let us know which track is your favourite!