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On Saturday 7th of June, the weather was really hot in Berlin, and it was also time for Girugamesh to hold concert at the Lido in Berlin. First we were able to meet Nii, Ryo and Shuu for a short interview that you can read here. We had a few hours to kill before the show starts, so we decided to enjoy the warm weather with a nice Ice Tea!


7.30 pm, it was time for the concert to start. The show was sold out and therefore the venue was full. It was already hot enough but when the band came on stage, the temperature rose even more! It was hot hot hot!


Directly with the first songs, where they played successful songs such as breakdown, VOLTAGE and INCOMPLETE.  The fans started to scream, jump and bang their head in rhythm. All along the concert, the atmosphere was crazy. The fans and the band enjoyed their time together and made sure to keep good memories.


The singer, Satoshi , was really charismatic, blowing his voice with talent and running all over the stage. He gave his everything to his fans and they were delighted. The guitarist, Nii, is very talented, but also a bit crazy. His outfit was totally weird, he was wearing some kind of School uniform, completely contrasting with the kind of song they do. It was funny to see him banging his head while wearing this outfit! The bassist Shuu is also talented, a bit more serious and deeply in his music. Ryo, the drummer, was also very charismatic, handsome and talented. Even though he was hidden behind his drum, we couldn’t miss his presence.


They ended the first part of their show with songs such as live is life, Never ending story and Evolution. But the fans, didn’t get enough for this amazing Japanese band, so they started to scream “Encore” and “Girugamesh” all together. It made the band come back on stage for their Encore, where they played the songs Border, Owari to Mirai and Kowareteiku. We enjoyed our time during the concert, we destroyed our ears and sweat tons of water, but at the end it was a great concert that nobody should miss!


We are sure that Girugamesh will come back in Europe and next time they’re here, don’t hesitate to go see them!


Review by Virginia Clinberghe


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