CROSS GENE have released new teaser images for “Mirror“!

Continuing with the black versus white theme, the boys either look angelically handsome or devilishly charismatic in their new teaser photos! They have released many teaser photos and videos prior to this, heightening our excitement, which you can check out at the thread below.

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Check out the teaser photos below!



On January 31st CROSS GENE have revealed their pre-release track titled “White Mind“, and the group has now unveiled the teaser image for another pre-release track, “Black Mind“, as well as the tracklist for their upcoming album ‘Mirror‘. Have a look below!

Black Mind” will be pre-released on February 3rd at midnight KST. Stay tuned for more!


CROSS GENE have dropped a second set of individual teaser images for their upcoming song “Mirror“, which will be released on February 8th.

The photos denote mystery and the boys look truly manly. Have a look below!


The boys are back with the release of a short ‘Mirror’ comeback spoiler video! CROSS GENE are surely very mysterious in this new artsy piece. It shows two different sides to the members as they begin by performing in a pristine white hall that suddenly transforms to an eerie run-down version of its former glory. ‘Mirror’ will be released on February 8th so fans can surely expect even more excitement then! Check out the video below.


CROSS GENE have just dropped another ‘Mirror‘ teaser video! This time we have a much more dramatic and action-packed piece sure to get you hyped for the boys comeback on February 8th! This teaser is for CROSS GENE‘s upcoming track “Black or White“. Watch below.