CROSS GENE have announced that their comeback track will be “Mirror“!

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Teaser images of members  Casper, Yongseok, Seyoung, Sangmin, Takuya, and Shin for a ‘tough dance’ concept have also been released. Check them out below and stay tuned for more updates!

CROSS GENE will return on February 8th!


CROSS GENE have dropped the shortest teaser video ever, which is one second long, for their upcoming song “Mirror“.

The boys are dressed in white suits, standing in a simple white painted room. You can’t see or hear much from it, so let’s hope they will shows us more soon!


The boys have revealed another teaser video. Unlike the first one, in which the boys are dressed in white while the setting looks classy and chic, the second teaser shows a bloody scene. Check it out below!


A third teaser video is out, this time showing a quick glimpse of the choreography and what the song will sound like!


Cross Gene confuse fans with a teaser image reading “White mind 2017.01.31 0:00“. It looks like they will probably pre-release a music video for “White mind” on January 31st at midnight KST. Stay tuned for more!