Continuing on with their monthly project ‘EVERY DAY6‘, DAY6 have released teaser photos and a schedule for their February track.

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The track is titled “You Were Beautiful” and will be released on the 6th of February (note that all of their monthly releases will be dropped on the 6th of the month). The boys look angelic but hurt as well, so we can only assume this will be an emotional track!

You can check out the schedule for the rest of their teasers below, as well as the teaser pictures that have been unveiled as of yet!


A teaser video has finally been unveiled! Just like their teaser photos, the boys look angelic as they stand in a blue setting with snow falling around them, adding to the majestic feel. A guitar is softly strummed, perhaps hinting that this will be a more soothing number than their previous, adrenaline pumping “I Wait” track. Check it out below!


A second teaser for “You Were Beautiful” has been released! In this you can see a lady working hard at the office before taking a break and watching Day6!