The final participant to Zico‘s upcoming collaboration track has finally been announced!

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Get ready for what could be the collaboration of the year!

Following the news that Crush would also be taking part on the track, R&B star DEAN comes as the third and final artist to be added to this outstanding line-up. The singer/songwriter earlier uploaded the completed teaser image for the song now known to be called “Bermuda Triangle” onto his official Instagram.

“Bermuda Triangle” will be performed by the three Fanxychild crew members – a real dream team trio – and is sure to be an exciting tune!

Zico will release “Bermuda Triangle” with Crush and Dean on November 28th. Stay tuned for more!


Also, ZICO uploaded on Block B‘s official Facebook page and on his Instagram a photo with the caption: ‘Official Teaser D-1‘, so the teaser video will be released very soon!



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