Cork’s notorious anime convention, Kaizoku-Con, is back for their 3rd year, with a lot of exciting events in store!



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Cork’s anime and science-fiction convention, Kaizoku-Con is back for a third year running. It will be held on the University College Cork campus from Friday March 4th to Sunday March 6th. As Cork’s largest convention for Japanese animation, manga and culture Kaizoku-Con is also suited to anyone with an interest in the genres of science-fiction, fantasy, horror and gaming. Aside from the classic variety of events convention attendees across Ireland are accustomed to, several new events  to suit all ages have been revealed in recent weeks with a couple of cross-society collaborations.

Saturday afternoon events: Harry Potter Sorting Ceremony and Puppy Party

The UCC Harry Potter Society came to the public’s attention last autumn as the newly established society attracted large numbers of students to participate in the college’s first ever official Sorting Ceremony. They will now be hosting another Sorting Ceremony exclusively for Kaizoku-Con attendees on Saturday in Boole 4.



University College Cork is not-so-secretly the go-to destination for all aspiring Irish witches and wizards and is the alma mater of great
wizarding minds. If you always wanted to put on that tattered old sorting hat and finally know which house you belong to now’s your chance. In doing so, you will be joining the renowned ranks of Ravenclaw’s George Boole (recently honoured for his scientific contributions to the wider muggle community) and Hufflepuff’s Graham Norton (the popularity of his acclaimed Friday night talk-show reflects his exceptional talents in regards to charms).



In collaboration with Munster Lost & Found Pet Helpline animal rescue and hosted by the UCC Korean Society, Kaizoku-Con 2016 will be hosting its very first Puppy Party in Boole 5 on Saturday. With a cup of tea in hand and a cohort of dogs to play with and pamper this event is perfect for animal lovers.


Saturday evening events: a Steampunk Ball and Cosplay Light Painting

Previously lacking in evening events for younger attendees, this year’s convention is making up for it with a jam-packed Saturday evening. It is time to dust off your dancing shoes because the Aula Maxima will play host to a Steampunk Ball, suitable for all ages.

Meanwhile over in Boole 3, Cosplay Light Painting is ideal for those seeking a unique and ethereal photo opportunity to showcase their cosplays. Light painting is a photographic technique where a long exposure photograph is taken using hand-held light sources to light up a person, an object, a scene or just to draw out shapes and spell words. Please note this event may not be suitable for those with epilepsy or those with sensitivities to flashing lights.

Sunday afternoon event: Hebocon Ireland

Lastly with the recent announcement that Robot Wars is returning to BBC it seems Hebocon Ireland has arrived at an opportune time. In this tournament (which will be held in the upstairs café in the student centre) contestants will pit terribly built robots against each other. You should aim to win but Hebocon recognises the beauty in failure with an overall aim of enjoying heboiness i.e. challenging yourself to try something you are not good at.

What are you waiting for shipmates? Get on board and set sail with the crew from Friday March 4th – Sunday March 6th.

Tickets are available at the door all weekend:

€25 for a weekend pass
€15 for a day pass

Hours of operation:
Friday: 4pm – 2am
Saturday: 10am – 2am
Sunday: 10am – 7pm


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