During their concert performance in Tokyo, DIAURA announced their plans  to release a Best album for their 5th anniversary on December 15th.



There has not much information that has been released about the album, except that it will be titled “INCOMPLETE” and will be released on their debut date, December 15th. More information will be revealed as the release date gets closer.



Though they just held their tour finale, the band revealed that they already have some live performances lined up in the future, starting with a female limited show on September 9th, which will be held at Shinjuku BLAZE.  On September 12th, there will be a male limited show will be held at Ikebukuro CYBER. There will be a fanclub live on October 1st at Shinjuku BLAZE.



After the release of their Best album, they will be starting their “Route of Infection” tour, kicking it off on December 16th and ending it on January 22nd in Tokyo.